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Saturday, June 11, 2011

See, girls can kick your ass in Magic: The Gathering.


I play Magic, and I've played at three different shops.  Of all of them, there were usually never any females besides me and whatever friends I brought along.  I say usually, because sometimes guys brought their girlfriends or Moms to play, but those women never came back.

Each shop I start at, there's always a ruckus about me being female.  Always.  It's a mixture of "Holy-shit-it's-a-chick" and "Haha-she'll-be-an-easy-win."  That second statement doesn't stick around for long, though.  After playing at my current shops (I fluctuate between two) for a while, the regulars finally treat me like "one of the guys," but new guys still give me the "Holy-shit-it's-a-girl" looks.  If you find yourself in a similar situation, just go with it.  Men like this will underestimate you, which gives you the advantage.  It always makes winning feel way better. 

 I call her "Grissa" instead of Glissa.  Say it like you're in South Park.

Frankly, even though it gives me an advantage and makes victory taste better, I'm tired of the "girls can't be geeks/nerds" thing.  What, our minds can't fathom complex rules and strategy found in Magic and other games?  Get over it. We just aren't typically exposed to games like Magic; I didn't even know Magic existed until my boyfriend introduced it to me.  I quickly fell in love with the game, and I don't have to have him around in order to enjoy it.

Now that a woman has made it to the Pro-Tour, hopefully it'll be less of a shocker to men at our local game shops that, hey, we exist, and we'll kick your ass.

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  1. I kick my man's ass all the time with my amazing white deck ;D