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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Pottermore zomgz!

I know, I know.  I'm also tired of seeing all the crazy posts about "Pottermore," JK Rowling's new (but still secret) project.  I'm really hoping it's an MMORPG and not some silly new social networking thing.  A Harry Potter MMORPG would be awesome, especially if Rowling is directly involved with the story and questlines!  And you know you want thestral mounts.  I know I do.   

I'll take this as my starting character.

The most annoying thing for me about MMORPGS has been the fact that their stories usually go dry after the starting area.  There are always exceptions, but the main goal is getting to the level cap, and  when the game inevitably turns into a job where I hate my coworkers I finally have time to realize that I completely missed the story.  But with a real author that has lots of lore already under her belt, I think this can be -ehem- magical.

If not, there's always the upcoming Star Wars MMORPG.  That should make me happy.

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